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Finding The Best Amazon Tv Box In The Market

Low res television sets are long gone and even those who have old TV models can now purchase a small internet TV box which allows them to connect to the internet and stream live. There are several TV boxes that are available and finding the most appropriate is not difficult. However, not all of them will meet your expectations especially if you purchase blindly without knowing exactly what the set can achieve. TV boxes are generally designed to stream live channels and shows and also to access catch-up TV programs turning your standard set into a smart TV. Amazon, Apple, Sky and Roku are the most popular boxes you will come across and they can all perform various generic functions expected of such digital boxes. However, Amazon TV box is by far the best choice in the current market. It is powerful, picture perfect and delivers a 4K streaming experience which is what users want; the industry’s best experience. Nonetheless, Amazon has a set of models along the line which means you still have to find out which Amazon TV box is perfect for your needs.
Below are few tips to help you with that:

What makes a good TV box?
Before deciding which Amazon TV box you are going to buy, it is worth to noting the specific attributes hallmarking a good television box. Among the exciting features you should seek to find in any model include the following;

• A good choice of streaming content – there is usually a limit on the number of channels you can stream and networks you can connect to so find out just how many are present in your box. The higher the number of choices, the more pricy it is likely to be.

• Simple set up – simply put, the TV box should be easy to set up and use, requiring no technical knowledge. You should effortlessly set everything up following the setup manual provided.

• Wireless and wired – although things seem to be moving towards the wireless direction, a good TV box should give you both options; wireless and wired.

• Pc and phone connection – most top brands, like the Amazon TV box, have accessories and features to help you connect your TV to a PC or tablet. This allows you to watch content from external memories and hard disks.

• Remote control – virtually all TV boxes come with remote control functions so this is about the design. It should be a durable ergonomic design.

Now that you know what to look for in a good TV box, let us look at what you get in the Amazon TV box.

Amazon TV box features
Amazon offers a modern-edge television set that allows you to stream various online channels. In order to stream from a TV box, you will need internet connection, preferably with a speed of 3MBps and above. Some models are wireless while others can use Ethernet cables and broadband networks. You also need a HD-supportive and ready TV set. Amazon TV boxes are distinguished from other alternatives due to various desirable features in the box. They include the following;

• Multiple channels
Every TV box comes with its range of accessible channels and shows. Some allow you to access apps like BBC iPlayer while restricting the corresponding catch-up services (4oD, ITV Player, Demand5…). With Amazon TV box, you can access a multitude of channels, apps and live shows including Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and BBC iPlayer among others. You should note that there are options to increase your channels with subscriptions.

• Enhanced display
Amazon TV box seeks to fill in the display gaps for those who have older TV sets that cannot display 4K. Full HD is available at 720 and 1080 pixels which is slightly lower than Blue-Ray but still perfect for watching any TV show or movie. It also delivers 4K from Netflix programs which is fantastic. The detail level provided is mind-blowing.

• Perfect interface
Finding your favorite channels and apps is an effortless process and you can even mirror or cast the display on the TV to your smartphone/tablet so that you have control of the set from your phone. However, this is Amazon and so their products, channels and apps take precedence over other second-party offers. The menu loads much quicker and you should expect no lags as pre-buffing is built into the set to eliminate this.

• Connectivity and storage
Different models come with different specifications but you should expect most to include HDMI, Ethernet, 3GB RAM, 8GB storage (expandable), MicroSD slot and USB 3.0 as the standard.

There are many other minor features you will find and most of these boxes cost no more than $100 with some as cheap as $35. They are also very first and can be used to record TV shows or movies. Amazon offers the sleekest design slim TV box that measures no bigger than a modem (115 mm x 115 mm x 17.8 mm).

The best Amazon TV box models
Image result for The best Amazon TV box modelsAmazon has several top models in the market and their plush lightweight designs are loved by everyone. While it was the likes of Roku that sprung up with the emergence of internet TV boxes, Amazon products instantly took the market by a storm through their overwhelming capabilities particularly the numerous channels you can access. Nonetheless, not all models will beat every other TV box and only the best can stand the rivalry. Some of the top Amazon TV boxes highly recommended and reviewed include Amazon Fire TV Box and Amazon Fire TV Stick. These two are produced in cycles and you can find 2015 and 2016 Fire TV models. With each new production, you get new features like UltraHD and Alexa Voice Remote to improve the experience.

Image result for The best Amazon TV box modelsTV boxes are the real deal when you want to conveniently stream movies and live shows from anywhere. You can connect them to a PC or tablet which makes it more interesting to purchase one. What’s more, they are quite affordable ranging around $80 although this price could radically go down if you land a coupon code or purchase during discount seasons. It is advisable to purchase from Amazon online store if you want genuine original quality that has all the promised features.